Comments from Wafarer

Date Story title Comment
2008-10-28 04:01:45 To My Hearts Desire I loved it, BR!!
Sexy, arousing, touching and funny too:)
I look forward to a lot more reading of your fine work, girl.
2009-01-31 21:54:01 A Wild Friday Night I love your story BR!
Descriptive, erotic, as well as humourous and explicit. I like that you can write well from a man's point of view.
Something that warmed me up tonight after a good dihner.
Thank you!
2009-04-11 21:44:34 He Touches Me Very nice! A sweet story from someone who would be wonderful to be with!
2009-04-28 23:55:01 Karen I loved it EJ!
Good flow and choices of words, I felt like I was there.
Seeing as this was written by a woman, i would say that there's a few good tips in there for us men :)

Thanks for brightening my evening!