Comments from SilverLycan

Date Story title Comment
2008-10-13 01:23:39 Long Night at the ER I really liked this one. I only wish the nurses were as eager to please when I was in the hospital!
2008-11-12 01:48:23 God is in his kingdom and all is well in the world. Now this is something different. I have to say I liked it, as I enjoyed the series. Good job, MISTER BIT T
2009-02-26 02:55:25 Loving on the Moonlight Wow... This is one hot story. We need more stories like this...
2009-03-01 00:48:09 The Milk Slave This is a very good sex story. I would like to see further development.
2009-03-01 22:53:57 Thugs do it best!! Proper grammar, spacing, and a spell check would turn this story into a winner.

I would like to see a part two.