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2008-08-07 15:03:32 Lisa - The Birth & Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig Thanks for the great comment. They certainly will be/are. Next part will be just as, if not more, nasty.
2008-08-08 19:09:52 Lisa - The Birth & Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig LOL! Yea... the LAST two paragraphs turned it into sick shit....if you hadn't noticed, it's all sick shit. If it wasn't it wouldn't be in the story.

Tip: don't read chapter 2 when it appears in a day or 2 if you don't like that, dude, coz it gets a LOT worse!
2008-08-11 06:28:48 Lisa - The Birth & Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig Ok well thanks for the tips and the generally great comments. Chapter 2 is, I have to admit, pretty damed vile. It's being validated at the moment and should be up today. It's focussed more on one specific event and hopefully a little more detailed for you guys. I thought this first chapter as more a short, quick set up for the next chapters. Thanks again and happy cumming!
2008-08-12 11:54:10 Roberto's Feast Wow....that was....just unbelievable...really. Is there any point to it? Or did you just get so bored you had to write something that wasn't hot or very funny? I admit, a couple of bits made me chuckle inside, like the blatant ripping the piss out of complex sex stories and shitty writers. Seriously though...was it worth the time? Really? Seriously? If it was then fair enough, but if I wrote it I'd be wondering if I was taking the piss out of myself instead of the people I was aiming for. God, and it's made me write an essay. Oh well, ce la vie.
2008-08-12 12:26:31 Lisa - The Birth & Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig - Chapter 2 Hey, thanks for that last comment. As long as I've got one person who loves it and leaves comments like that, it doesn't matter if I've got a hundred people telling me to fuck off and die, I'll keep writing more.

And I'd like to disagree with being the most fucked up person on earth...I'm trying, but for one I have never, and will never, do any of the nasty nasty stuff in my stories, and two have you read PISSOUTMYASS's stories? At least my shit gets some people off, sir!