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2008-10-05 21:52:28 Since Rachel's mother is single, you should have your character planting his cum deep in her pussy. Maybe fuck his own mother who worries about his sexual development. Good story. A little too much "See Jane run," type writing in the beginning. Otherwise, I wish I could write as well.
2008-10-29 16:13:16 This reminded me of my home town. Several gorgeous classmates about 16 y.o. would go to cop's homes and walk around naked and fuck. This story had me hard throughout. Off to take care of the problem right now as I sniff and lick the crotch of my step-daughter's panties.
2008-11-23 17:06:28 Model to slut in one easy lesson I'd eat your creampies. Hot story.
2009-10-06 14:11:45 Excellent story, well written. I found it looking for Ch. 13 of your lactation series. This was even better.

2010-12-04 12:01:16 Newly weds love nest The last sentence seemed too conclusive. Leave us with hope for more in the future, regardless of whether there'll be a sequel or not. I loved it otherwise; although I'm not a fan of anal sex. That's just me. Maybe add a creampie eater among the men for sick fucks like me.