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2008-12-05 16:55:19 Sally Does the writer know anything about geography, or does he know anything about the British Isles..
Devon is a county in the South-West of ENGLAND..not WALES...
2009-01-08 16:55:29 Maria at the Cafe II Homeone...This little section is NOT in quotes, yet it still describes the narrator as having a PUSSY...not as you say a DICK.....please read it below...

Her husband was one of those Americans who wants an Oriental sex goddess, and they had lots of kinky toys. She slowly stripped me down and sucked and licked my nipples while her fingers rubbed my moistening slit. She pushed my pants off and slid two fingers straight into my cunt. Her thumb twanged by clit while she sucked on my nipples. I was on fire and kept moaning and thrashing my head from side to side. I was so horny that I was in a frenzy."
2009-06-04 16:49:38 Skiing trip This story has been altered slighty from 1 that I have read, and posted a comment about, on a different web-site...On this site the story was about a 15 yr old boy, having exactly the same experiences, but with a group of older women. The story scenario, the plot and even the ending are the same. The only difference is that in the original story, the women were not his sisters. Even the title is almost the same, as the original story is titled "The Ski Trip.."
If we are to encourage new authors, it would be best that they write their own work. As only by doing that, can we fairly comment and advice them on any help....