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2008-11-20 21:34:11 Life With Anna yeah.. i'm not going to bitch about content, since i KNEW WHAT IT WAS WHEN I READ IT AND DECIDED TO KEEP READING (a hint to some of you posters)- but that being said, umm, your writing skills aren't great. needs to be more descriptive, not quite so choppy, a little editing... i'm generally horny 24/7 and masturbating 5-4 times a day and i got nothing out of it. thanks for the effort though.
2008-11-20 21:17:40 Mean 4 a reason this might have been spank bank material if i hadn't spent half of it trying to decipher the ebonics and numbers used in place of words. it really distracted me from the story.
2009-07-02 00:05:39 The Arrangement Part One it was mislabeled, and a few typos, but not bad. and ppl do this kind of shit everyday- so for everyone claiming it isn't real bc their marriage isn't like this, stfu, just bc you're married to a cold-cunt prude doesn't mean everyone else is. nice effort, thanks for sharing.
2009-07-02 00:19:54 nice, i look forward to more, definitely hope it keeps developing. to all the 'READERS', stop reading young porn if you dont like it. leave it to those of us who do. anyway, good story, got me moist.
2009-07-02 00:28:33 Do you dream about little girls? look, hon, speak for yourself. i'm a female. i've masturbated since i was six, snuck into my dad's porn stash when i was ten, stopped wearing panties when i was eight or nine, and lost my virginity at eleven. i would sneak into the boys bathroom and play 'show me your pee-pee and i'll show you mine'- and that was my choice to make. some people are just plain sexual, and it's not exclusive to males. so while i appreciate every author's effort, don't preface your story by trying to be the voice of an entire demographic. everybody is different. one girl's cubic zirconia might be another girl's diamond.