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2008-12-18 16:21:08 SGT ROCK: BADASS AMERICAN SOLDIER The explosives that were rigged "inside the towers", previous to 911, failed and were also "test bombs" planted by terrorists who were not citizens, but "visiting" our country. The planes that flew through the twin towers were the "Bombs" that brought them down. Those planes were flown by terrorists who were here on Visa's, paid for by Bin Laden, so they could learn to fly them.
2008-12-18 16:24:43 SGT ROCK: BADASS AMERICAN SOLDIER I don't understand the fuss. The writer post ed a "disclaimer" at the beginning, making it known it was fictional and the characters were not real, but in his head. He makes it clear it's not intended to "insult" anyone. I don't think he's being racist, but merely including those who are responsible for starting this ugy war, forcing our country's involvement. I can only imagine the pressure and tension our troops feel on a regular basis, 24/7. It hasto be horrible for them. I'm sure only those who have been there can fully understand the impact on their psyche, and despite their best efforts and intentions of remaining faithful to their spouses and significant others, they are also human. They are frightened, lonely, weary and I'm sure angry. Experiencing all those emotions at once can drive a person insane. Even though I personally, do not condone, unfaithfulness in any way, I can understand how indulging in hard-core, raw sex can relieve that tension. What are you afraid of?
2009-03-07 16:00:25 I have absolutely no sympathy for any adult sex offender. And if any of you who admit to being one believes an act like this does not leave a lasting affect, you are dead wrong!!!!!!!!! The physical pain may disappear over time, but the psychological damage will eventually surface and scar the person for life.My father started moslesting me at 8 and it went on for 8 years. Because of his sick "need", I have spent 30+ years in therapy. I can't have a relationship with a man. I don't trust men at all. I pretend to in an effort to "forget" what happened to me, but reality hits and the relationship ends, regardless of how good it started. The past comes back and haunts me.As much as I hate to say this, death would be more humane for a child who endures that. I wish the judicial system would use sex offenders as test subjects for experimental medications and diseases so they can experience the same torture they inflict on their victim.