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2008-12-04 22:46:07 best friends part 1 Nice go for a first story! : D
I suggest writing it on a word processor, then copying and pasting to post on the site.
that'll make it a lot easier to see any errors, etc.

keep working!!
2008-12-06 11:51:10 sex aside, you're a very captivating writer.
keep up the good work.
2008-12-07 01:35:21 er...
well, you warned us, I guess. hah

you'll need to change things a bit it you want more people to like it...
2008-12-06 21:23:05 Golden Summer, A moment in time these poems were the last thing I expected to find. (hah)
It's good that you feel comfortable and confident enough to post them.
2008-12-11 16:52:02 Technicolor The concluding passage describes the imaginary world Amber and the boy live in. (notice I never give him a name)
It illustrates how he only sees a black sky, and the only color is the neon lights that mimick the actions and passions of the young couple.

The last line shows that it's the people's own descision to see the world in technicolor, or in black shades.

haha. I just thought I'd bring a little thought to the site. I think this story is VERY different from others posted here.