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2008-10-06 00:02:53 A Hidden Room at Motel SextyNiner This was true art! I got verrry attentive as I read on. You skill is amazing!!!! You got skills
2008-10-07 08:08:45 Family Reunion for Mom's Birthday You work is amazing, your word formed picures in my mind. Needless to say It was a good movie/story. It left me wanting more!!!!!! This story gave me more then a smile. Thanks for a good read!
2008-10-07 08:13:17 To My Hearts Desire Truely breath taking, wow, I loved it..
2008-10-07 08:21:36 A Wild Friday Night You expressed every man's dream--thanks for putting forth the time and effert. - You did a great job expressing a man's point of view. That itself is a difficult task, Two thumbs up>
2008-10-27 23:38:54 Our HIke Very sexy wow, Like the song-"it's getting hot in here i got to take off all my cloths" I recieved an orgasm that left my legs shaking and weak. Your stories are so fullfilling! You bring your stories to life and I find myself cought in it's animation. It is always a pleasure.........reading your stories and I am always relieved at the end. It was an awesome story-I am breathless thanks for the awesome story -lots of smiles