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2008-09-23 21:02:05 Camping cousins part 1 i liked it, can't wait for the next, also you could use a space between paragraphs like fbailey said, it makes it easier on the reader.
2008-10-18 11:30:28 If i owned one, you would think think I would sell it. Sadly I have to use public computers, I managed to through this ordeal anyways, enjoy the story for what it's worth.
2009-07-30 14:16:21 Hide N Seek Use your imagination. I'll continue referring to body parts in the manner I would like to. I'm pretty sure you know that people refer to the place where babies grow as "momma's belly," not uterus. I've never scene the word uterus used in a sex story, nor would I want to. I'm sorry if writing this story, and sharing it with you for free is somehow offending you on a fking porn website.