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Date Story title Comment
2008-10-09 09:13:14 The Slave Trainers Excellent writing! I enjoy reading your work.
2008-10-27 20:45:51 Close Your Eyes Little Girly Boy Hope you didn't get someone in the eye!

I have written professionally, but haven't pursued it recently. Writing porn, erotica, sexual subjects is sort of like my time out from the real world right now (being able to tell events from my screwed up life without the heavy emotional baggage that comes with the crazy details is cathartic, I've discovered). I've never looked into trying to publish something along the line of erotica or porn, though. Not sure where you go for that aside from self-publishing avenues.
2008-10-27 17:15:55 Close Your Eyes Little Girly Boy Even though I'm all grown up now? ;) Glad you enjoyed it.
2008-10-27 17:21:24 A Boy’s Dream, A Brother’s Expectation To be honest, the story kind of took a life of its own and turned into some kind of morality tale (of what, I'm not sure...guess concerning some of my own demons). I'll keep the comments in mind though for the next fiction stories I'll write. Thanks for the feedback!
2008-10-27 17:42:56 Our HIke Wow, that's one hell of a fucking!