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2009-07-28 01:43:02 MILFs - Part 5 Very glad you decided to continue with this one. Welcome back.
2009-07-30 14:48:33 Divine Great to see you back!
2009-08-20 03:25:50 Timestop - Day 3 I'm liking this a lot so far, Keep it up!
2012-12-02 12:25:02 You First Thank you! I try very hard to make my stories, if not realistic, at least believable (with varying degrees of success). I do have at least another 2-3 parts to this in mind, maybe more. Keep watching.
2012-12-03 02:59:49 You First Whoop. Sorry, didn't notice the weird coding stuff. Just uploaded a re-edit, should show up in a day or so. Hopefully that should work better.