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2008-10-27 17:18:53 AUTHOR
I write stories like this because I want to. No one says you have to read them. As far as my sex life is concerned, remember that these stories are posted under the category "Diary." Can you be certain that they are not true?
2008-11-07 14:29:39 Readers, I figured out where "Part 15 -- Carla" went. I had a brain fart and didn't select a Genre, so it got posted to the defaul listing of "Dary Fantasy," which it certainly is not. I think it is really a pretty sensitive stoy, with what I hope is some nice character development of Carl. You can read it there, if you like. I've re-posted it under the proper Genre, "Diary," but as I write this it's still being validated. I'm not sure of the rules of this site, so I don't know if the Moderator will allow it to be re-validated for this section. If you want to read the story, you can search by my penname, Wantsomefun. Sorry for the screw-up!
2008-11-14 01:10:32 Author --
I appreciate all comments, both positive and negative. I never expected to please everyone, and constructive criticisms could help me to become a more pleasing, entertaining story-teller. Saying that this story is "fuckin shit" doesn't give me much guidance on how to improve my skills. Help me out here. I'm sure there are an infinite number of ways I could improve my writing, and I would appreciate any well thought-out criticisms or suggestions anyone has to offer. "Fuckin shit" doesn't quite fit that description, in my mind.
2008-12-05 11:22:43 Terror in the Snowstorm Author --
I had thought of making this into a 2 or 3-part story, but decided against it. I'm not sure Seth is the kind of guy who could really have a relationship with Tara anyway, even though she's beautiful and hot. He's from "the wrong side of the tracks." He was willing to shoot Zeke to disable him while they were under attack, but Tara killed him for (probably understandable) revenge. I don't know whether Seth would be able to handle that. So, as I said in the intro, "it's all here in one installment."
2009-04-24 21:03:18 Karen From Wanstomefun:

As Ice said, it is inspiring to see a piece written by a true writer -- one who understands the power of the written word. There are a lot of good stories on this site, and an incredible number of horrible ones. There are a few that, although poorly written, show that the author actually has feelings, emotions, and vision, but is too poor a craftsman to present them well.

You, dear lady, are in a different class. This was an absolutely first-rate effort. One of the most amazing things about this story is the age of the characters. It is nice to know that there is at least one other living, breathing human out there who understands that life, and love, are not the exclusive domain of the young.

Please share more of your beauty with us. Even if "raging mediocrity," as Ice calls it, is the standard of this site, and of the world in general, there are a few of us out there who can appreciate and understand the thoughts and feelings you convey.