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2008-10-23 06:59:47 African Mask of Hardcore sex if this was your first draft go back and work on it a bit as you go over it you will see gaps and fill them in so the poem will flow better and make more sence give it another go
2008-11-14 07:17:36 Whores for the Fatherland-Part 1 I love sex dogs fisting anal any kind of sex but I did feel uncomfortable with the nazi theme the war wasnt a wasnt a fantacy and many horrid things were done good writing but focus on something else xx
2008-11-16 14:19:52 kitty at boarding school I write for another site and just wonted to see if my storys would go down well here, as its my first post here I didnt know how to do it propely, so it looks like Im going to get lots of complaints.
didn't mean to offend but there are quite a lot of k9 storys hear as well as stuff I'v never seen before