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2009-03-10 14:11:04 Nude Wresting Wow did you do that on the Island? The things I miss around there.
Great story by the way. I liked the way it was written, it was intended to be shifting around and it was a great effect.
2009-04-19 04:53:56 ALICIA'S STORY This story was rated 78% favorable until asshole started placing negative votes one after the other on it.
2009-05-05 11:23:36 Boys That Fuck When I was 8 I got about 5 of my friends to do an ass fuck train in the ditch across from my house, it was deep enough that no one could see us I thought. But there was a two story house nearby with a clear view of us, and the guy that lived there told me one day he saw what we did.. We tried to get a girl to join us but she wouldn't.
We only did it once that I can remember. But we did play around naked but not doing anything for some time after that. Of course we always had boners.
2009-07-06 11:18:11 ALICIA'S STORY Of course its nasty, this is a porn story else it would not be here.

it is in parts all you have to do is read until you get to the end of one.
The 124 negative votes here in one day by a bot have made decide to never post another story here.

There are other sites where that doesn't happen.

Reader of 4-12 what the hell are you doing here anyway, you had ample warning at the beginning of the story.

Of course it has every category available they are all in the story.
Too bad you didn't find them all.

I am a woman and I'm not fat and I'm not 45 either.
So take your fat ass and go to hell.

Empress Lainie
2009-08-27 20:13:11 Slave For A Day - The Perfect Gift This was a fabulous story. One of the very best.