Comments from Wimmers

Date Story title Comment
2010-04-26 15:40:14 An Unusual Hotel.... I enjoyed it, what I would have liked at the end in all her confusion along the corridors. She comes upon a room, inside is her boss from London. He is receiving a blow job from his naked wife, they both look and smile at her. On the TV screen is the film of her giving the original blow job and the blackmail. Still very intriguing.
2010-05-01 18:34:41 Prostitue Punishment What an amazing harrowing story.
2010-05-09 12:23:34 Lions of Scarborough I am not gay and only looked because it said Scarborough, However I think you told a simple story in a very good way. Well done.
2010-05-10 09:06:28 Sex with Sister-in-law If ever proof was needed that Condoms are life SAVERS this is it. Great story.
2010-05-10 09:41:03 ROAD CANDI You must love your job, making sure you take good care of the goods in the cab, as well as your load. You had a great ride.