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2008-12-27 00:22:21 Have Hands Will Travel --- The Early Years Davo-- Sorry for the typo.. My fingers often outrun my mind.
Yes that was a high rate-even in 71-72 , but on a cruise ship, everything was high..We were on the deck that catered to the more wealthy passengers as I remember, with only staterooms and captains quarters above us. Thank you for your comments and support...Dano
2008-12-30 23:52:42 Have Hands-- Will Travel Chapter 3 I thank all of you for your support--just wished the numbers would add up better..
Most readers are in a hurry to read another and won't take the time to cast a vote.
I'm gonna lay off this for awhile and see if it improves any..
Be on the lookout for chapter 2 of the early years about Baby...
Then I'll tell you what happened at Columbia , S.C. with "Nicole"-- a 20 year old that rocked my world......
2009-01-22 03:32:11 Mel!!! My New Girlfreind It took balls to tell that man.....
2009-02-01 02:51:40 Have Hands --Will Travel Baby-- 2 I'm putting the finishing touches on my installment of " Nicole " It should clear validation by mid- February..
It's a long read for most--but I'm not going to break it down into chapters.. It will be posted in the 'massage and true story ' sections...
If response is positive enough, I might continue with more of my crazy life....
I thank all of you for your input and support...
Ya'll have a nice one.......Dano
2009-02-12 14:42:52 Have Hands --Will Travel Baby-- 2 I'm a long way from # 1 on this site.. If I can get my stories to rate 85% or better over a six month period, I'll try harder to improve my writing skills..
To me -- Jackass and Ice are the 'Alpha' dogs here and are not given the credit they are due... At any rate, I thank all of you for your loyalty and support..
Y'all have a nice one... .... Dano