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2009-03-01 23:17:26 Nancy's First Massage Charlie-
Women today are not the prudes they were 25 years ago.. People in our field should give the ladies whatever they ask for--within reason...
For some women- this is their only outlet for extra-marital sex.. Who are we to argue with them over "morals.?"
Read some of my storyies in the true section.. This was the tip of a much larger iceberg....
"Dano" -- Have Hands- Will Travel-- Winter at Beech Mountain series
2009-03-05 21:52:22 Have Hands--Will Travel ---- Nicole 2 Reader-- especially one that seems to judge me......
Yes, I've been married, and have a son and daughter, both in their 30's.. My son has four children,and a grandson..My daughter does graphic artwork and they are wealthy in more ways than one.
My wife died and left me a widower, but remember-- I have not asked you why you read my stories, or why you feel the need to pry into my personal life, much less judge my actions or lifestyle..
Most all my stories took place when I was unattached.. However, I thank you for your comments and others for their support...
I've received over 300 e-mails from all points of the globe in support of my stories.. I can count on one hand those that did not approve of them.. Ya'll have a nice one.....Dano
2009-03-19 01:37:58 Swimming for fun, Part 1 - The way we got to know each other. The liquid he felt was most likely pre-cum.. I will sometimes expel respectable amounts before orgasms.. Strange tale-- but keep plugging away at it..No pun intended......Dano
2009-03-23 19:02:06 Have Hands--Will Travel ---- Nicole 2 I have another installment coming soon. This is the time of year I'm on the road and don't get to my computer on a regular basis.. Hang in there... Dano
2009-04-20 03:09:55 Have Hands--Will Travel --Jamie Thanks Jackass-- Wait till Sunday!! I always think of you and Ice as the 'Alpha Dogs' on this site.. You two gave me the inspiration to write my stories. Thanx......Dano