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2009-07-30 07:27:40 Have Hands -- Will Travel-- My First Time At Sex Thank You--I was hesitant to write of this sensitive subject.. I hope it does not offend...I did not feel that I was taken advantage of , or 'molested.'
Le'Lu was instrumental in teaching me about sex-- instead of the locker room boys talk.. She also was the one who first said I had a gift--magic hands..This later became my calling in life..
I thank you for your votes and support..Ya'll have a nice one..
I have a few more chapters to add...............Dano
2009-08-01 03:06:53 Have Hands -- Will Travel-- My First Time At Sex Chapter 2 is being validated .. by late Sunday--early Monday it should be posted...There's mixed feelings on this topic, but several had asked for it..
Le'Lu stayed two more summers with us, and taught me alot of tricks..If enough positive interest is shown, I may continue..I thank you for the support....Dano
2009-08-04 12:23:40 Have Hands -- Will Travel-- My First Time At Sex My thanks Panther for your votes and support. Chapter 2 is running late because of the weekend..Keep watching and reading!!...........Dano
2009-08-06 07:06:06 Have Hands--Will Travel -- First Sex --Ch. 2 I thank all of you for your votes and support..

Larry you especially helped with your suggestion for more foreplay.. I was on the verge of being thirteen-and had a wild woman for a teacher ..
She teaches me the foreplay later..I was just a good ol' country boy like I am now--but naive' as hell..!!!!!
Ya'll have a nice one.....Dano
2009-10-02 01:02:19 Winter At Beech Mountain Chapter 5 Readers--chapter 1 is chapters 1 thru 4...The story has been told from the beginning..They were short chapters.. Dano