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2008-11-14 20:14:05 A football Tournament (7th grade boys first time) I was about 13 and 3 quarters and ya i had a 7in to 8 in dick i dont know exacty . who really cares just in between those numbers (my puberty kicked in really early)
2008-11-14 20:16:15 A football Tournament (7th grade boys first time) oh and dont worry already got the next one written and validating. there will be about 5 or around there im not sure exactly but it is a long story because its 2 weeks in 5 short stories.
2008-11-25 13:54:24 My boy Olly! pretty good
2008-12-03 17:24:43 Gray Rock Academy pt. 2 Nice work i iked it
2008-12-31 00:59:08 Football Tournament 2 (7th grade boys having "fun") im the author but the problem is that my computer memory was wiped out and things got chaotic over christmas so ill have the story probably rewritten in a half a week and i really dont remeber all the details about how big cocks were but now that i think about it they were all around 5-6 inches so anyone that complains just put 5-6 inches in anywhere you the numbers