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2010-04-11 15:00:40 My Niece Mary Jane part 1 The speeling problem has been fixed for part 2 I thought the first one had been revised by Spell Check but I was looking at wrong proof read copy sorry ..... about that

as to lenght well i am not a big bang thank you mamme type of writer i wrote for myself, and thought may be some other would not reading what i had put on paper - be sides you need so many word of they will not post your story
2010-08-05 15:15:08 Sharing My Room With Sis: The 2nd Day Yes Yes

I hope you keep it coming , nice and slow , delicate, no use rushing the story
2010-09-01 23:38:52 Sharing My Room With Sis 10: Abby's Fear I have read each of your wonderful stories and now believe that i should stop posting becasue i will never be able to write as you have , even though i thought i was doing an ok job

Your writing is light, fresh, spell binding
Now that you have perhaps closed this series , i will look forward to more of your postings

thank you for this series it was a real pleasure reading them
2010-12-05 13:19:25 Games at Work First i think you story is very good, I waould have liked to have read more plays at work, but your rounded things our fairly well, leaving yourself able to continue the story line

Second I think readers leaving comments show leave thier names especially if they are going to be nic picking about a change in names spell check does not catch every thing .

KEEP IT COMING, but if we are to play games at work, maybe we could spend a bit more time ar work please thank you
2010-12-05 13:26:17 Games at Work Thank you very much for this story, it was very good, kept me guessing the only comment that I might like you to consider in the story line and the title , we sort of got away from work at one point and i would have liked a bit more office time , mind you the way you rounded the story out you left your self able to continue so i will be coming back should you write more .

it is too back that the readers leaving comments are not forced to leave this signature names , ezpecially those who nic pick about things like name changes .... spell check does not catch every thing ..

as far as the other who live silly comments well there should be a way to viod those comments

keep up the good work