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2008-12-25 00:13:43 New World Order Verison (1) Werewolf's Burning Passion I'm glad everyone enjoy this, in answer to the Angela thing that was a mistake from my partner because we were writing another story and Angela was the name of my other female werewolf. I'll be putting the next part of this story up as soon as I get the time.
2009-02-04 19:55:08 PIRATES Very good story. I love the twist at the end.
2009-05-14 13:43:38 New World Order Verison (1) Part 3: Werewolf's Burning Passion Its cool. I get what you are saying. The story is like that mostly because it was a back and forth thing as an online roleplay so that's why the format is like that. All I did was copy a paste as well as do minor grammatical editing. The age of Phoenix I never really noticed before as it was not my character and was the character of my friend, though being a scientist of sorts it is possible for him to be as old as he is and not look it. But thank you very much for your criticism and look forward to reading my final rendition of this story in book form in the near future. As well as the sequential books that will follow as I continue with the story of Sheyera West a werewolf with a pained and hate filled past.
2009-06-13 01:46:36 New World Order Verison (1) Part 3: Werewolf's Burning Passion Well since people seem to like my stories so much I will get around to posting more. I'm glad so many people enjoyed it.
2009-09-05 22:21:11 New World Order Verison (1) Werewolf's Burning Passion Well since the main character is a werewolf then yes it is about werewolves....I don't know exactly what you were expecting but being a werewolf does not mean she is all furry 24/7. But her behavior and mindset are strongly influenced by her wolf side, yet still must maintain a balance with her human side as well. Also its Werewolves....not werewolfves and I suggest you read the rest of what I have posted of this story before you go asking if this is about werewolves or not.