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2009-10-28 13:18:29 The Suitcase I'm the author of this, and I can't grasp why people who object to this type of tale read it then freak. Sexually repressed types love reading titillating things then banning them, which is why chronic nags often get on library committees.

I wrote to a specific audience and that's the end of it. Fantasies are fine; everyone has them. If some of them become criminal realities, then they pay the price as they should.

I advocate nothing. As I said, I wrote to a specific audience for my own reasons. Those who have a problem with this short tale are invited to leave without reading it. Why would such people spend their time, then complain about the subject matter? That says more about them than it does about others.

If my writing style seems inadequate, that's fine. But don't bother reading through something of a subject you claim to disdain, then insult people who do so.

Remember, you naysayers, you read it, too.
2012-11-24 13:50:21 A Man of the Modern Era Please don't use my stories to try hooking up.