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2008-11-30 03:06:01 The story line is good. I just wish that the writing was a wee-bit better. If you can come up with your own story, I would love to read it.
2008-12-04 15:25:00 fairies Way too old and not told well.
2008-12-14 22:48:58 Close Your Eyes Little Girly Boy A verysensual story. Rough sex and tenderness. I, too, as the older brother had my own younger brother once. Might even have a tale to tell. Anyway, I'm glad you recounted yours. Makes me wish I was once again young with my younger brother impalled on my cock. Oh, those were sweet times.
2008-12-16 04:59:00 The Tenants Chapters 1 and 2 It certainly made my cock hard. I, too, write incest pornn Loved your scenario. Don't be mad if you find a variation on this theme in some of my writing. You inspire me.
2008-12-16 05:20:20 The Tenants, chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6 Right now I'm horny for every member of your story. I wanna fuck everthing in sight.