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Date Story title Comment
2009-03-15 22:49:42 Her first time I'm so envious of Lexis. I'd love to hear you fantasize about what you might do to a submissive guy.
2009-03-21 02:09:00 The Milk Slave Slurrrp. Makes my mouth water.
2009-03-22 23:18:37 jake loves kate I like kisses that last for decades. Nicely written and developed story.
2009-03-31 23:22:28 Be Careful What You Ask For! That's what I wish for. I guess I'm not very careful.
2009-03-31 23:28:28 Got Milk ? nicely written. I was sure it was written by a woman until I saw the info on the author. You seeme to really get inside her persona, such a nice perspective on a mother's breasts (and what a lucky little boy).