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2011-08-21 15:37:01 My wife Maryanne I'm a big fan and admirer of bushpilot123, and, frankly envious of your very high percentage ratings. We are about the same age and our lives/marriages have been remarkably similar. You have presented your life experiences as true story accounts, where I have presented mine on this site (in the cuckold category) as fiction, but I got discouraged by the low ratings and nasty comments, so stopped writing, but I thank bushpilot123 and it is encouraging that you have not been vilified by readers for writing honestly about your life. With admiration, Willing Wimp
2011-08-21 16:21:55 Linda This story really isn't about the cuckold experience. She is married, yes, and cheating on her husband, but this story has nothing to do with the cuckold, but with the far-less interesting dolt who represents the other man. Only unless the married man gets his face rubbed in it and has to deal with the mixed emotions of that would this story come close to belonging in the cuckold category of stories.
2012-12-26 15:11:06 I Dream of Jeannie Nicely done. Stayed in character; it brought the original to mind, only better.
2012-12-26 15:15:50 Cleaning up my young GF Very fulfilling and exciting to clean up a young lady who has been dirtied by another man. Be gentle.
2012-12-28 15:06:32 my wife rides another guys cock The story needs paragraph breaks. It reads like a true story, but you might want to build it up a bit more so that it feeds fantasies.