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2012-12-29 11:43:17 Mom's Insecurities wonderful, caring loving relationship. Quite believable.
2013-01-06 11:08:17 Jiujitsu lesson Excellent story. You draw on your knowledge of martial arts to give the story authenticity and to make the characters three dimensional. "Mrs. B" comes across as a real person, which makes her all the more attractive, making me feel like Randy, in every sense of the word.
2013-04-06 11:17:24 confession of a submissive husband Nice to see another member of the "cuckold club." As I read this, my wife is out fucking her lover. I need to go now to clean up the house, prepare her bath, change the sheets, and get my tongue ready to clean her out. If you like, Trinitymasters, see my stories, here. We are both dutiful, loyal husbands to our strong, beautiful wives. Proudly signed, Willing Wimp
2013-08-06 17:23:57 Mommy's Panty Boy excellent character development--the transition in the relationship in the character of the husband from chauvinist pig to subby. If you like this one, look for my story, Climbing the Corporate Ladder.
2013-08-06 17:32:00 Michelle's forgotten physical Doesn't Michelle also need to go to the dentist?