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2013-11-01 12:33:17 Dressed to Thrill (Part 1) I thought your story was great. I wrote one about a very similar husband-wife relationship, Subby Hubby and Dommy Mommy. I suspect we have had similar lives.
2013-11-01 13:45:39 Halloween hi-jinx Gives new meaning to Masquerade Ball
2013-11-03 11:34:44 She Only Wore a Shirt to the Funeral I don't think this qualifies as a cuckold story. As I understand it, a cuckold is, like someone like myself, a "willing wimp" who knows and accepts that his wife is having sex with other men (and/or women); it is really about the mentality of the husband who has a slut wife, not about her. This story is about a woman cheating on her husband without his knowledge. Yeah, so what?
2013-11-17 23:29:54 Roleplay Great dialogue. I'd love to watch the movie version when someone turn your script into a film. Perfect voyeuristic humiliation excitement. Been there, done that.
2013-11-26 00:35:10 A boy, or A girl? part 4 If you like harem she-boys, like this story, check out my story, Becoming Daddy's Little Princess.