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2009-01-21 01:56:50 My Sister the Btich Chapter 2... Teaser Sounds good just keep out the WoW shit
2009-01-25 03:51:11 My Unforgetable First Time Whoever is criticising him about age... Lay the fuck off, big deal if he's lying about it being true or not.

Great story by the way.
2009-02-09 01:27:08 Wifes Birthday bone...paybacks Kinda weird, terrible spelling, and yah who the fuck is Luci?
2009-02-19 02:36:40 First Time With Sarah No kidding, why do you listen to your so called 'gods'? They do not exist. Someone a while ago came up with some rules to live life and told people that 'god' told them this. You are just drones, you have no brains and don't think for yourselves. He will not be punished for his sins by god because god(s) do not exist and sins don't either. Open your eyes and maybe you'll actually see the world. Oh, by the way great story.