Comments from Irishpassion

Date Story title Comment
2009-03-08 21:37:14 Serious Mistake Going Sailing Excellant story. Will there be a follow up with the new master?
2009-03-10 19:22:20 Love Honor and Obey - REVISED Lucky woman to have found her true master...and lucky you to have your true slave...
2009-03-11 19:29:23 Fae sex Not a bad storyline, but you really need to stay in one tense when you write instead of switching back and forth between past tense and present tense
2009-03-11 20:52:02 wolves in the forrest part 1 excellent have a definite talent for catching and holding the reader's attention. Catch the stuff like staying in first person, and spelling during the proofread, and you will be perfect...
2009-03-15 18:04:50 School of Hard Cocks Good story, perfect training...and to the reader below...just because it isnt to your taste doesnt make being either a master or slave master makes me feel things and takes me to heights of pleasure that no non-dominant man can ever bring forth with their tepid "lovemaking"