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2011-09-16 20:17:54 The cuckold. Well what a failure this story has turned out to be - 5 out of the first 10 don't like it. I think that I'll abandon my idea of writing on the various themes listed in the story index. Sorry that I couldn't have done better for you all.
2011-09-17 00:15:50 The cuckold. I've completely misinterpreted what men are looking for in this type of story. Perhaps some other women might like reading of treating men in the way that Sophie does here. Anyhow, I've asked the site controller to remove the story. Perhaps I'll tackle it again from a different perspective at some later date.
2011-09-26 17:07:30 Naked in the night I do wish that people woundn't be so nasty to each other, and say such horrible things, I really don't like it.
If one person says horrible things about me or my writing, it is no reason why others should react in a similar way in response. It's all so nasty, and it upsets me to see it; please don't. I know that my stories might be silly in parts, but I try my best to write what I think will make you feel sexy and excited..
2012-03-29 15:39:03 Newly weds love nest The last person to comment, has made an error in saying that my story is true; if you check again, you'll see that it's not listed as true at all.
I can tell readers though, that the very beginnings are based on my true experience, and it's where I got the idea for the story.
My husband and I did in fact, when first married, move into a house where our neighbour was an old pervert just like Tony in this story. I was quite aware that he used to look out for me, and take every oppotrunity to talk to me whenever my husband was not at home. He used to use a lot of suggestive innuendo when talking to me, but that's as far as it ever went.
2014-08-09 09:48:47 For once in my life. I should have spelled it out that it was a flying visit overnight. I thought that it was obvious as I flew in and then left the next day. It's a pity that not having stated that fact, is spoiling it for everyone reading it.
I'll see if I can get the administrator to delete the story, although I've tried that before with others and haven't managed to rouse them to do it.