Comments from Yvonne

Date Story title Comment
2013-01-23 12:59:05 The physiotherapist How disappointing; it looks like this is yet another one of my stories that is a flop. I wish somebody would tell me what is wrong with my stories, so that I could try to improve. I don't mind you rating them down if you think that they're bad enough, but I just don't know how to improve my writing.
2013-01-26 13:32:12 The physiotherapist Thank you so much for the helpful comment; I'll try to give much more description in future stories, and see if they're more well received.
2013-11-03 17:26:13 She Died... Terrified Gosh, why am I so excited over something so horrible.
2013-11-03 17:51:28 A Night with Megan Amazing ....... exciting.
2013-12-07 16:03:17 Depraved Secret 2 Sickening, but .......... why am I so excited.