Comments from Yvonne

Date Story title Comment
2009-01-17 14:35:53 For Sadists only - My first time with the lash. Hello 'Reader' and 'Miss 23',
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to give me some feedback.
Re. the first comment: I see that my story achieved it's aims.
Yes, I will write a continuation.
Re. the second comment: I did introduce my story for "Sadists only". I can see that it definitely would be a turn off for anyone not enjoying such violence.
2009-01-30 14:10:38 For sadists only - My second torture session I'm so glad that you enjoyed reading of my torment.
I will write a third episode, but realistically it would be several weeks before it would appear on your screen.

2009-02-18 04:07:55 Flogged senseless - for sadists only. Gosh!
It's myself that I write of, so your comment makes me feel sort of funny.
Surely not many readers would want me to go so far.
2009-06-30 19:37:28 Fucked to death - a murder mystery I'm glad that someone liked my story. I don't think the moderators did - it took ages before it was published and has been kept off the "latest stories" list on the home page.
Anyhow, it's really "snuff" in name only, and is just meant to be a silly bit of humour.
2009-08-30 17:01:11 Used and abused in my first foursome. Thank you to the last commentor, for your very kind comments.
My last story, a failure at humour, was personally judged by the moderator, and, seemingly because he didn't like it, he kept it off the 'new stories' list even though he included about 15 or more stories from the one author, and my story rated higher than many of the others listed.
In annoyance, I asked for all of my stories to be deleted, and I destroyed a long, three part story which I had ready for submission. I'm not posting stories here when I get treated like that.
I don't mind readers commenting negatively, but the moderators should treat every story equally.
As you see, they ignored my request to have my stories deleted.