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2009-01-14 22:46:38 latest obsession #2 Suck it up, grow a back bone and some think skin.
You don't see the real you. You're stronger than you think you are.
First off, you can take hits better than any girl I know. You've pratically mastered the art of Deception; which is very powerful. And you're on the verge of realizing the real "Power of the Pussy" on men.
I know you've been through a lot, but there's nothing holding you back but yourself. Those doctors you go to are quacks. Reality is revealing itself to you everyday. You want more proof? Get a real, sympathetic girlfriend. Try your best to not use your power of deception on her. In the same, do not tell her about your past. You'll see that she'll look up to you and yet somehow you'll feel that she knows you had a dark past; and realize that you've only grown stronger from it. Her sympathetic side will sense those times when inside you're curled up in a corner, shivering, wanting to reach out for salvation. And she'll instinctively give you a long big hug or say som
2009-01-24 14:13:53 Let The Game Begin Nice story. Good description of how the basic missionary is suppose to be done by a man. Just nice, but not a great story. How you desribe your straddling could've been better. Oh, and try not using time; unless the story heavily depends on it. It makes the reader feel bored, as if they had to wait those 5 or 10 minutes. And next use all your 5 senses when describing something that suppose to last for a while; that way the reader can feel time pass as so, while experiencing what you've experienced.
Maybe reading my stories would help. O dot jarad at Ya to the hoo dot come on. You haven't figured it out yet?