Comments from TheDifference

Date Story title Comment
2009-01-27 00:04:44 Taking a Dump i was laughing insanely lmao
2009-03-17 21:44:03 Warming Up not bad, but the writing seemed a bit too formal. i enjoyed it though. 7/10
2009-03-21 03:16:23 A Young Hitchhiker In A Blue Satin Dress Great writing skills, I'm excited to read your other stories. (:
2009-03-22 22:54:23 Sarah and I i enjoyed it, but i do think that a better disciption is needed. also, pacing is a bit uneven giving the story a choppy feel. I do hope that you will continue, but if it's true why not place it all here?
2009-03-23 00:20:42 Sailiing Into The Sun You have wonderful writing skills. I normally don't enjoy father/daughter stories but this had me going. i agree with the last comment, this story shouldn't be continued but i would like to see more from you. you could be similar to some of the great one on this sit (phrentic ice, slippery sadlle bum)