Comments from Flesh of the Fallen Angel

Date Story title Comment
2009-02-02 23:05:04 Captive in the Woods I love it :)
2009-02-02 23:23:59 An Evening Out Interesting. I liked it.

Only problem: Why does it say Cumming with the capital C everywhere?
2009-02-04 22:37:47 Morgan is a bitch Thanks guys. I'm planning on writing more, this one was just a test. An afternoon well spend! Haha!
2009-02-04 23:08:02 PIRATES I love it! Great story! lol
2009-02-06 17:58:36 Morgan is a bitch To the READER who commented about my uncle doing that to me ... no, he didn't. I was just feeling a little sadistic when I wrote the story and thought that it would be a good little trick for making someone experience a lot of pain.

To the READER below him, since people are wanting a sequel, I might just have to bring another girl in. Someone who has been just as naughty as Morgan.

To tricky and freshman, thanks. I wasn't thinking of making a sequel when I wrote it, but I might just have to. Because of popular demand. lol.