Comments from Coldcase187

Date Story title Comment
2009-02-09 23:29:14 Uncontrollable Hunger Very enjoyable and well written.
2009-02-10 10:58:06 Very entertaining and hot. I really enjoyed this one.
2009-02-10 17:07:56 A Night with Megan Loved it. His entire series of stories is great, but this is one of my favorites.
2009-02-10 17:11:59 Wonderful. Very enjoyable. What makes Jeff’s work stand out for me is his ability mix in a bit of humor without ever tripping up the pace or letting go of the erotic feel of the story. I recommend his entire series. (And I agree with everyone who said that if you don't like stories with these themes, you shouldn't click on the links. He tagged the story correctly. People know what they're getting into when the click on the link.)
2009-02-10 17:14:11 A night with Nicole Great story and very hot.