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2009-08-29 10:26:22 the naughty Mom I read your profile... and it says that it will say in the title if you wrote it, and otherwise you're just posting the work of others. I applaud the story, it's very well-written, but I looked through everything you have posted and so far... you didn't write any of it. =/ Perhaps you should... anyway kudos to the actual writer.
2009-08-29 16:50:15 Raped by my own dog then left with an Itch Kinda... glossed-over and non-violent for a dog 'rape'... I agree it needs more detail. The way it is now is kinda like... it takes what could be really intense subject matter and makes it almost dull. =/
2009-08-30 10:27:40 Bunk beds Blah... generic... *yawns*
2009-08-30 10:41:19 Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 32 - Ancient History I have loved all your stories so far, great job really in keeping it interesting! This is such a fun and deliciously deviant little series... keep up the good work!
2009-09-02 12:08:01 Crystal and to much achool It's not that people are being overly picky, they are trying to help. Spellcheck is easy to use, and while it doesn't catch everything it helps a lot. Having to stop and make sense of what are not typos, like transposed/missing/extra letters, but misspellings, ruins the flow of a story and is offputting as far as the turn on goes.

That being said, pretty good story =)