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2011-06-05 02:25:00 Bra Shopping With Uncle Lovely story, growing up in our home there were twelve girls and a boy. He protected his sisters in such a way that they all gave him their virginity. The other thing they all gave him were children, many children along with their mother. When their daughters came of age he got both his sisters and their daughters pregnant.
2011-09-13 05:17:45 My first time with a black man left me with four babies, a son and three daughters, all because my husband wanted a better paying job and I had to satisify his black boss. After that first time his boss got to cum in me as much as he wanted and my husband had to stay married to me or lose his job. After a while I started to enjoy his boss and the other black men he introduced me to.
2012-10-31 15:18:31 Married to my sister Lovely story, and my mother gave her blessing when I married my sister. Mother grew up fucking her brothers when at sixteen she got pregnant and not knowing which one of her eleven had done the deed. I was born before she was seventeen and she never married. That did not stop her from having babies. One of her daughters was from a black man and that is the one I marrried. By the time I was tweleve I had been laying the wood to mother. We were never quite sure but we did feel that I had gotten her pregnant several times along with several of my sisters besides the one I married. I had become fility rich and mother along with many of my sisters moved into our home. This way I had all the milk from breasts I wanted to suck from and all of the cunts I wanted to cum in and keep pregnant. My wife and I had fifteen daughters and they got to suckel from all of the breasts that were lactating till they went off to school.
2014-03-12 20:06:19 My Cousin, Beth So loving, My breasts started to show at ten and by twelve I was a 30FFF trying to catch mother's H's. I was going to my sixth grade graduation dance with my twin brother. He was well over six foot and
I barely five foot with my big breasts. We had built a great treehouse and mother told us that we could sleep there after the dance wich we did. We went up and in and got undressed. Soon naked and into each others arms. We both knew how to make each other cum and after the first round he was well packed into my cunt. After cumming several times in me we fell asleep. In the morning we woke up with him still in me and my mother and her sister naked and wanting to join in. Mother started eating me out and her sister getting fucked by my brother's large cock. Later that month we all found out that we were very fertile and very pregnant.