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2010-03-21 18:43:50 Terror in the Snowstorm – Final Capter This is a wonderful story!! It has everything, danger, adventure, love, lust and its very moving especially at the end when they named the baby Merle. Keep it up!
2011-04-24 20:32:46 What a beautiful story and wonderful writing.
2012-04-01 12:09:31 KRISTI'S FAMILY REPOSTED Did you change your name? I've read this story on this site only it was posted under the name Asia and the title was KRISTIN'S FAMILY. I know because it was one of my favorites and I can't find the author Asia under the authors list.
2012-11-04 18:59:32 Loving my sister Chapter 2 (the next day) Hey Pandora85, I like this you're good. Keep it up.
2013-03-09 19:16:42 Don't Use Mom's Panties 5 OMG!! Keep it coming!! My pussy is sooo wet right now!!