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2009-03-23 11:33:27 Latino lover turns country girl into his sex slave Would you like to read about more of mine and Antonios Sex Adventures?
2009-03-24 14:12:59 Latino lover turns country girl into his sex slave I assume the negative ratings were because it wasn't raunchy. Sorry, what we had was beautiful but I have fantasies too and trust me, my future writings will get your fire burning....I think my next story will be my fantasy of being ravaged by six muscular mexicans who had stopped to "help" me when my car went off of the road in a snowstorm. Only they didn't drop me off at work, they took me to their ranch in the wilderness.
2009-04-14 15:20:51 Bittersweet. Loved it.
2009-04-16 10:54:03 Her Fantasy - Ambush You have the makings of a true romance writer.
2009-04-16 10:55:34 The Investigation - Caroline Ann Very good story. I wish it were in book form so we would have longer to enjoy it.