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2012-09-25 22:15:08 I loved this chapter. The build up over the past several chapters was very well played out, and I have my suspicions as to what Gia's secret reason for her behaviour is. But I'll keep those to myself for now. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up the amazing writing.
2014-05-16 04:05:52 Sister Helped Me I came in my little sister's mouth. She was under the desk blowing me while I read the story to her...

Not really, but that's what I fantasized about.
2014-05-16 04:11:18 i want to fuck my cute sister "my cousin sister kell (daughter of my mother’s younger sister)"

That's just called a cousin, not a "cousin sister", sorry.
2014-05-17 02:40:57 Mind slave for fun I'd give it a 6.5, some parts seemed a bit rushed. He didn't even hesitate to punch a hole in the coin, even though all he knows for sure is that with it as he found it, he can control the minds of teen-aged girls. He's yet to find out if it has limits, and if he were smart, he would have placed the coin in a setting, and made it into a face or backing to a locket or watch.