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I am a 24 year old black female from the United Kingdom. I love erotic literature and have always wanted to write my own story. The story I have uploaded is my first, so please don't judge me too harshly! I have a over-active and quite wild imagination, I can be very dreamy and am always thinking of characters/ scenarios-many of which get me quite worked up :p Writing can be difficult, its something im getting to grips with and an art which takes time to master. If you have similar interests to me then it would be great to get to know you! xXx
United Kingdom
I am mainly into Interracial erotica, particularly black/ biracial women and white/asian/other men. I do however find it slightly boring when these strories focus too much on race conflict. I prefer to be submissive rather than dominant. I love bondage, being tied up and controlled against my will drives me crazy!! :D the rougher you are the better :P. I would love to write erotic fiction involving black/biracial women as slaves/ within a harem (If you can find erotica along these lines please let me know!!!). I am fascinated by the world of Gor and am training to be the perfect Kajira. Oh, the older man fantasy is a reoccuring fantasy I have alot, just thought I would mention.


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