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2009-03-20 04:24:12 The Bed Game hello everyone im black light a new writer here my story is coming out in 2-3 days read it (its a teaser)
2009-04-02 16:07:38 alot of people feel bad 4 the husband your treating him like shit and it seems that he loves you and thats making you the bad guy thats why your gitting low ratings. i would have liked it more if there was no cantact between the old man and you i almost threw up when you wore his cum underwear and when he came on your face. if you want to have better ratings i suggest you keep that to a minimum
2009-04-05 17:16:58 Katie becomes my daughter josh is going to kill you i know i would if you took advantage of my sister after a tragity. man o man your ass would be grass
2009-04-05 17:27:14 please dont write another story. that anyone could think of doing that to a child just proves that the lsystem still has sickos to put away. i swear to god if i knew who or where yopu where i'd let you walk a mile in her shoes. sick basterd
2009-04-07 16:38:08 grade 9 exams wtf ppl we're tired of tou assholes talking about our stories like that youdont even tell us how to improve. if you think our stories suck then write your own BITCH