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2009-05-15 10:03:08 My first time erhhh... excuse me while I head for the bathroom for relief..... That was good!
2009-08-17 08:42:08 A Young Encounter that story was:
well written,
not too long,
not too short,
2010-04-28 08:31:25 pretty good, need to have dan invite a friend over, they both can fuck her, twice
2010-06-03 09:57:38 How I lost my virginity to my best friend hold here a moment, the story has great potential. give the guy a break it's his first time writing a story. sure it has grammar errors and needs to be formatted with paragraphs but he will learn if he writes again.... and whats wrong with the brother joining in? it's his story he write what he wants, some people like the the two guys and one girl bit, actually a lot if you have ever tried it in real life.

i think he should continue it, seems as the two boys haven't actually had cum exit them yet, maybe in part two they start filling her with their seed, sloppy seconds anyone?

and besides all these comments the story is getting good ratings. 81 isn't bad

try again CWS