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If you want to contact me, Ill stick my email in the Msn bit k. dont bother adding me on mesenger since I dont use it. Hi people. I'm fairly new at this, In the past I've only ever written for my friends. Now I'm writing for you guys :D I'm a Bi-sexual so you'll find allot of everything. except mayby lesbian since I can't really go on past experience there. Anyway all of my stories contain real life characters. I might add celebrities, but not because I'm running out of Ideas or anything, but because I think they're good looking and everyone knows what there looking at. At some point I will post a character sheet with all the people in my stories. Love you's lots.
Your bedroom ;)
Television, writing, music (I'm a fill in DJ sometimes for my friends radio station), Nature, Cats (So cute), Dylans (So cute ^.^), Annabelles (So Fun and So Cute @.@)


Texts of Bartimeaus

Title Genre Read Rating Themes
Strip Poker 2000 Part 3 Dark Fantasy 8988 times. 66.7 % Bi-sexual, Gay, Teen, Teen Male / Teen Male, Toys
Strip Poker 2000 Part 2 Dark Fantasy 17466 times. 68 % Bi-sexual, Gay, Group Sex, Spanking, Teen Female/Boy, Teen Female/Teen Female, Teen Male / Teen Male, Threesome
Good Bitch Fiction 7824 times. 64.3 % Authoritarian, Coercion
Strip Poker 2000 Dark Fantasy 15984 times. 83.3 %

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