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2009-04-14 08:53:32 MY FIRST SERIOUS AFFAIR - PART 1 Hi all,

Thanks for the numerous good remarks and PM's.

I will post part 2 sometime, but not too soon. I would like to spend more time editing it, as a few guys here have pointed out that I could improve my writing.
2009-04-16 02:33:22 MY FIRST SERIOUS AFFAIR - PART 1 Hi folks

Yes, I am blind and I can read a computer screen with the help of software called a "screen reader". This reads back the information on the screen with near human voice. You use the keyboard instead of the mouse to navigate around the screen and as faar as you move the cursor, the currently high-lighted text is read out..

Blind people can use computers quite effectively. Some of them are even doing programming.

But unfortunately, I can't see the pics and videos. But I don't need them to live/sex! Don't you think?

Thanks for the positive criticism. I really hope to improve my writing for the next post.
2009-05-06 05:38:43 MY FIRST SERIOUS AFFAIR - PART 1 Hi people

thanks for the good comments and I realise I should have spent more time revising the story.

As for contradicting myself? No, we blind people also "watch" tv and "see" movies/plays. That just the way everybody talks so why would we talk differently? Call it figurative speech then.

And for those that do not read all the comments, scroll back and you will find a short explanation of how a blind person uses a computer. We actually can, because our ears and fingers still work!
2009-05-13 10:50:44 I just read this story again and I remembered I did not leave a comment before.

It's really one of the best stories I have read around here. How can one draw satisfaction out of something that is just bang bang all the time? This story has a great deal of sensitivity and it has a proper plot and thread. Very well done.

2009-05-18 10:28:39 The Chronicles of Amy A really good story. Sensitive, descriptive use of the language. Very good gradual development. If only we could get more such stories!