Comments from MrFors

Date Story title Comment
2010-06-14 02:53:47 The Beach Beautiful as always Cija x
2010-06-20 17:45:08 Late Arrival Beautiful as always Cija. An old favorite of mine from the forum, and it is great to see it brought forwards with the rest of the saga x
2010-06-22 13:22:59 See my forum post :p Beautiful story once more Cija
2010-07-25 22:10:42 Bonds of youth Hehe... This was my first story on the site, and I had a few problems... I appologise for any inconveniences *Blushes*
2010-07-27 13:02:44 Sicilian Adventure Right.... So if we ignore Mr Fred for now, very well done Cija. Romantic, sweet and intense with very strong characters. A new favorite ;)