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2009-04-13 04:37:21 quite good ... interesting story ... like to fuck drunk women myself. For those with no experience ..yes you can fuck a passed out women and not wake her up. Go slow and see what happens.
2009-04-16 14:28:49 This site has far to many people attacking other people instead of witing about the subject matter or commenting on English Grammar., If you have no personnel experience with a subject, a.k.a. Incest, learn and make inteligent remarks. As for this piece, it was interesting to say the least. I actually got a rush from it and that is something. from .. itiswhatitis
2009-04-18 01:12:02 My Unusual Visit to the Doctor ... more of the same shit. People attacking the wirter, hiding behind a keyboard. Good effort witer. No one is perfect.
2009-04-19 03:58:23 Daughter's Accident Well, again we have attacks. Children, children, children. The story is a story of caring and love and sex .. which is caring. I've read some real crapp on this sight and never shit on the author. If you want to read nice stories leave this site. Personnly i enjoyed the caring between the 2 characters.
2009-04-19 04:10:10 Daughter's Accident 2. those who justify incest because there are" nice" stories on this site are looking for acceptance from behind a keyboard. In the real world you are in deep shit.
3. " incest is best " ... a silly little phrase. Good sex is good sex. period. Love and caring is practiced throughout the globe by billions of people who are not kin.