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2009-05-24 11:05:12 Who's Your Daddy? (A Daughter's Love) Okay, I'll fess up, the first time I pulled this story up I was a bit reluctant because of the title, and I moved on after reading the opening at the funeral/wake because I expected it to be some sappy mush, BUT now that I have read the whole thing, a couple times at least, I wish I hadn't given up on it so quickly! Very impressive work.
2009-05-24 14:51:05 Chloe Puts on a Show. Hmmm : This story isn't going over as well as my others, which is fine, but I'm curious as to why. So if you don't like it, that's fine, but would a few of you maybe tell me why, I'm toying with the idea of expanding the story somehow and I'd like some feedback. Thanks!
2009-05-24 15:59:22 rape in afghan4 Other than a few spelling and tense mistakes, this was a well written story, although as someone else pointed out you might want to break up the paragraphs. I personally prefered the sections when it was just between the two of them. I look forward to more, good luck.
2010-06-06 20:15:45 The Devil's Slave The story was absolutely amazing, I loved it. The ONLY negative in my mind, is that I think it would have been better suited to be stretched out into parts, going from her being his fresh slave to his "Mistress" and "Queen" in on fell swoop kinda took a little away from the story for me.